Facilities - Fire Care

More than 20 cylinders are put inside the school campus to safeguard from any fire accidents.

Other Facilities


Our library consists of plenty of books. Children can refer and read through all the books available during library hours. We also prescribe all the daily, weekly, monthly and periodicals to our library.

Composite lab

We have well equipped composite labs with all the facilities such as chemistry lab and physics lab. Our children do all the experiments over there with comfort and ease.

Computer lab

Each child gets opportunity to have a taste of computer. Our school focuses that what the child has learnt in the class room must be practiced in the computer lab. There are 30 computers which can be shared by one or two.

Math’s Lab

Our Math’s lab has all the mathematical instruments. Over and above different collections and materials are pasted on the wall.

Smart class

To modernize our younger generation we have well furnished and advanced smart class with fine projectors and smart boards.


There are four vehicles to fetch the children from their home to our school. With fewer fees we provide the transport to all the children.

Games and sports

To develop and train our children in the field of sports and games, we have fine football ground, volley ball ground, and basketball ground.

Indoor Games

Children also can play caroms, chess, and shuttle cork inside the school.

Purified Water system

Our school provides purified water to all the children. It is potable and certified that it has no harm or danger to health.

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